drought 3This month, we are solely focused on drought relief offered through the Rural Assistance Authority along with Federal Government initiatives which can help to ease the burden of the ongoing tough conditions. If you are struggling with managing finances, please get in touch with us for assistance and advice.

The Rural Financial Counselling Service is also available at 1800 940 404.

Transport Subsidy

A subsidy of up to 50 per cent of total freight costs is available to eligible primary producers to a maximum of $5 per kilometre (plus GST) to a maximum eligible distance of 1500 kilometres. The maximum amount available to under the program is $30,000. https://www.raa.nsw.gov.au/assistance/emergency-drought-relief

Drought assistance

Interest free loans of up to $50,000 are available to eligible primary producers to assist in implementing systems and management practices that enhance the sustainability of their enterprise by funding, transport of livestock, transport of fodder and/or water, water and fodder infrastructure and banking of genetic material of livestock.



Farm Innovation Fund Assistance

A package to assist primary producers identify and address risks to their farming enterprise, improve permanent farm infrastructure and ensure long-term productivity and sustainable land use, aiding in meeting changes to seasonal conditions. Availability of loans is subject to funds being available. No loans will be offered beyond the allocated funding.



Centrelink Farm Household Allowance

Farm Household Allowance is available to support farmers facing financial hardship. It is able to be paid for a cumulative total of four years.

To receive Farm Household Allowance, recipients will need to develop and implement a Financial Improvement Agreement aimed at improving the farm’s viability and strengthening long-term financial circumstances.



Regional Investment Corporation Concessional Loan

This assistance is aimed at farm businesses in Australia to help with diversification, manage and recover from drought and for owners of Australian farm businesses who need financial help, particularly to sell or want to sell into supply chains outside the state or territory of residence.  http://www.ric.gov.au/

Receive updates via SMS

Great news! We have installed software that will enable us to contact clients via SMS. mobileAll you have to do is add the number 0436 411 235 Peacocke Accountants as a contact in your phone and we will do the rest.