Many clients know I love technology that saves time. One of these technologies can read invoices, till receipts and all types of documents and automatically files them. It will automatically re-create the invoice in Xero for me to pay or match to a direct debit.

Using this technology for the past four years in my business means I no longer have any filing cabinets with invoices. They are all attached to transactions in Xero.

Some of my suppliers email directly to Hubdoc for me and the first I know is that there is an invoice awaiting payment in Xero which I can also review.

Several months ago, Xero purchased Hubdoc which does all of the above and more. Not only will it serve as an electronic filing cabinet for you, it will also fetch and file from many organisations such as banks, energy companies and telcos along with all your bank statements. For farmers, it will fetch Elders and Landmark account statements and invoices.  For tradies it will fetch from Bunnings, Reece, Caltex and BP Plus.

As many of our clients are experiencing hardship with the drought, I would like to offer a free Hubdoc account for 12 months to all our clients. Clearly, those using Xero will be the biggest winners, but others will be as well.

If you switch to using this system, we will no longer ask you for bank statements on 30 June. For those with SMSFs, we will also have all your bank’s statements.

Read this document which explains the value to small businesses – I practice what I preach and use it in mine.
Here’s a short on-boarding video to help you get started and a video on using the mobile app.

For those using it for bookkeeping, you might want to take the courses at learn.hubdoc.com

Please add Hubdocs to your email contacts and you will be able to forward any invoices directly for automatic filing.

A big thank you to Matt and the team at Hubdoc for assisting me to make this offer.  It will be interesting to see what Xero does with this company.