Jobkeeper 2 commences from October 1, with payments reduced to $1200 or $750 for those working under 20 hrs/week. In this second round, eligibility tests have been tightened. For those clients planning to apply for the government assistance, our recommendation is to contact us to review eligibility.

STP planning

As you are now reporting your payroll directly to the ATO and your potential superannuation liability, the ATO knows every quarter what you should have paid. There is no leniency for payment, even if one day late.
The Super Funds also report to the ATO so it does not take Einstein to realise it will be easy for the ATO to automatically audit this area. To minimise any risk is to pay monthly. 

Joint email addresses
We are finding it tricky to work around joint email addresses in our system. Where a couple shares an address yet has individual record keeping, it can become difficult to manage. We ask that where possible, a new email address is established in order to maintain accurate files. If a joint address is used on your phone or for the business, perhaps a new address can be created and then forwarded to ease any confusion. Please contact one of our staff members if this is something that affects you.

Drought subsidy reminder
Lastly, a reminder to those applying for the Drought Transport Subsidy. Applications for Round Two of the funding have now closed. But if you have an approved Drought Transport Subsidy for the 2019/20 financial year, the Rural Assistance Authority will continue to process invoices dated up until 30 June 2020, as long as they are received by 30 September 2020.