Don’t despair, funding help is available and we are here to discuss what you need.
There are various grants for financial assistance and we have put together a guide to assist your application. My advice is, if in doubt, make an application and see how you go.

Concierge service available

Simply log in to your Service NSW app on your phone as per the QR code requirements to access available assistance. Fortunately, Service NSW is not like the ATO scheme where you fail if you do not quite meet the criteria. It encourages applications and you can speak to a concierge who can make a determination on your application. You can book a call with a concierge which is much better than trying to phone and wait for 2-3 hours.
Here is the link to get a call-back:
If you need any assistance including log-in problems, it is best to use the concierge service.

Small business fee rebate scheme

The Small Business Fee Rebate Scheme is available for all of our clients and is not related to the current Covid crisis.
The scheme reimburses you for $1500 to offset NSW and Local Government fees and charges.  For our tradie clients, it can be used against your licence fees.  For our farmers and other businesses with trading premises, it can be used to repay rate charges.  Please note, you will need the invoice or rates notice, along with receipt of payment.  If you have used BPAY, then download a copy of the receipt. You can also call your local council and they will send out copies for you.
Here is the link:
When you apply, you will need to use an existing or create a personal account and you will also need your driver’s licence and Medicare card details as identification. You can then link your business so make sure you have your ABN handy. This is a two-step process. You make initial application and then later receive a confirmation email that your eligibility has been checked. Make sure you remember your password. Next time you log on, use the link below:
Sometimes, this will default to your personal profile and you will not be able to proceed. If per chance you log into the personal profile, look to the top left of the page and select the business option instead.

Jobsaver payment for employers and non-employing businesses

This is similar to the old Jobkeeper scheme and requires a 30 per cent decrease in income in a two-week period compared to the same two weeks in either 2020 or 2019.You can get Jobsaver and staff can receive Covid-19 disaster payments.When this first appeared I understood it was for employers or sole traders but careful reading indicates that non-employing partnerships should not hesitate to make an application.
I could not find out what happens if one partner works outside the business. 

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Must be due to reduced income from Covid restrictions (a drop in income due to weather or just chance is not sufficient)
  2. Minimum turnover of $75,000
  3. A 30% decline in turnover in a two-week period as already outlined.

What you will need:

  1. A letter from us
  2. A BAS
  3. Your 2020 business income tax return.

Use this link to apply and use the same log-in you created for the Small Business Fee Rebate application. grants for business and micro-business
So far, these have only been designed for Sydney!  We are still awaiting applications that will apply to regional lockdowns. 
At present, you need a decline of more than 30% when comparing a two-week period from between 26 June to 17 July (no other dates at present can be used). If you are in tourism you will have been affected.  We expect motels will clearly meet this criteria.

Different grants are available depending on each situation:

  • $7,500 for a decline of 30% or more (must be a small business with turnover greater than $75,000)
  • $10,500 for a decline of 50% or more (must be a small business with turnover greater than $75,000)
  • $15,000 for a decline of 70% or more (must be a small business with turnover greater than $75,000)
  • Fortnightly payment of up to $1500 provided decline of 30% or more for a micro business (defined as turnover between $30,000 to $75,000)

Covid-19 disaster payment from Centrelink
If your business does not meet the requirements but you are still in trouble and concerned for your staff, they can  receive disaster payments even if you are applying for Jobsaver assistance.
This is the criteria for your employees:

  • If you’ve lost work hours and income due to a lockdown in your state and don’t have any pandemic-related paid leave entitlements
  • If you have lost eight or more but less than 20 hours or if you’ve lost a full day of work for that week, you’ll get $450 if you’re eligible.
  • If you lost 20 hours or more for that week, you’ll get $750 if you’re eligible.

The support is tax free and will not be included in their tax returns at year’s end
How to claim link:

If you are a sole trader, you can also get this if you are not eligible for Service NSW payments.
One client has already mentioned she had no luck with using myGov so she called Centrelink and after a longish wait, they fixed it all up for her by phone.
Unlike other Centrelink benefits, this is not means tested.

On-farm sales 
Noonee Angus will host their annual bull sale on-property on Wednesday 8 September 2021 at ‘Claremont’, Larras Lee.
​There will be 45 Stud and APR Bulls on offer with the sale commencing at 1pm, with prior inspection by arrangement at 10.30am.
Call Netta Holmes Lee on 0409 651 806 to register for a catalogue.

Coddington Uardry Poll Merinos on-property CU ram sale will be held on Friday 17 September 2021 at ‘Avymore’, 1050 Springridge Rd, Gulgong. Ram inspection days will on September 6 and 7 from 9am to 5pm or any other day by appointment. Contact Graham Coddington on 0428 638 129. Enquiries for stud, flock rams and ewes can also be made throughout the year.

 The office is closed but we are still here to help
We hope you and your family are safe and well and you are coping during the statewide lock-down. Our office is closed but we are available via phone and email to discuss your financial needs.