What… a phone app?

Now we have done it!  We have joined the app club!  We have produced the Peacocke Accountants App.  We are proud of it and hope you like it. We will continue to add features and send out a quick video demo over the next few weeks.

App Information

With plenty of information at your fingertips, the new app features buttons to call or book an appointment, easy to use tax checklists and the option to change details on the practice database. Assistance with government services is also available including the ATO where you can record your vehicle log book details and capture receipts ready for tax time.

There’s also information videos to guide you through some of the trickier aspects of personal or business accounting and a calculator to make working it all out just that little bit easier.

Checkout the Features

You can check fuel tax credit rates, look up how much you should deduct from an employee’s pay and check out the payable stamp duty if you purchase a property.
Plus there’s push notifications to keep you informed about important dates and events. And you can access our newsletter to keep you up to date in our ever-changing tax world.

Apple App Store or Google Play Store

To get the app, visit the Apple App Store for iphone or the Google Play Store for Android and simply search for Peacocke Accountants. Once you download, you can register with the “i” at the top right hand corner or send an email to admin@peacockeaccountants.com.au to win the wine.
We will continue to add features and send out a quick video demonstration in the next few weeks. We’re proud to have joined the app club, and would love to hear your feedback.
*Promotion not restricted to current clientele.

Download from the APP STORE                           Download from GOOGLE PLAY